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Antoine Chevallier

Antoine Chevallier, age 81, interred the 15th of November, 1791. Signed by Nicolas and Hilaire Chevallier.

Antoine Chevallier, internment page one

Antoine Chevallier, internment page two

Economic and Social Conditions in France During the Eighteenth Century

Economic and Social Conditions in France During the Eighteenth Century.

La France Économique et Sociale Au XVIII e Siècle, written by Henri Sée, 1927. A description of the economic and political circumstances of France under Louis XIV, XV, and finally, Louis XVI, the ancien regieme.

Prior to the revolution of 1789, France consisted of three estates - the clergy, the nobility, and the third estate. Between them existed barriers that resulted in social discontent. The nobility and clergy were the privileged classes, the burden of paying for the state fell upon the laboring classes.

The Seven Years' War (1754 - 1763) a conflict which France lost, was characterized in Europe by the siege of towns and massacres of the inhabitants, as well as open battles; causing overall the death of more than a million individuals. In 1778, France entered the conflict between the Americans and the British.

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Paul Constant Chevallier


Paul Constant Chevallier, son of Hilaire Adophe Chevallier and Marguerite Collin, was born April 21, 1828 in the village of Graffigny-Chemin, Haute-Marne, France.

He is my great grandfather on my mother's side. Paul Constant Chevallier would marry Anne Marie Richier. They would have a daughter, Julie Laura Emma Chevallier. She would marry Charles William Meine. They had two daughters, one of whom was my grandmother Marguerite.

Graffigny, births 1811-1822

Paul Constant Chevallier, birth May 11, 1822


Paul Constant Chevallier, age 25, and Anne Marie Richier, age 18, were married in the village of Graffigny on the 21st of April, 1847.

marriage of Paul Constant Chevallier and Anne Marie Richier

La eglise de St Elophe et St Christophe

In the church of St. Elophe and St. Christopher is a stain glass window donated by the family of Constant Chevallier.

eglise de St. Elophe et St. Christophe, Graffigny